The PRocess

COVID-19 UPDATE: As you read through, please note that I have revised my process in order to uphold the states mandates surrounding the COVID-19 epidemic.
For the time being, I am working with my clients remotely unless otherwise requested.

The Process

Web Pro Polson designs each site uniquely so that your site stands out from the rest. Before diving into web design, I was a media director for many years, which gave me a rich education in quality advertising and an inside look at some of the lesser known ways to make your site more appealing and desirable for your specific targeted audience.


When you choose Web Pro Polson we start out with a mapping process. We will sit down together and map out exactly what your goals are for your business and how you would like your website to contribute to said goals. During this process I’ll ask you for visual examples of what you want your site to look like. Together, we’ll go over every detail; colors, font size and style preferences, over-all vibe, photo preferences, plus much more. Once this is all mapped out, the second part of the process begins.

Drafts & Revisions

I will create the first draft of your site and ask for your feedback. I’ll then use your feedback to make necessary revisions. I will continue this part of the process as many times as needed. This part of the process takes some time, but is very important for your website’s overall success.

Going Live

Once all of the revisions are complete and you are 100% satisfied with your website, it's time to go live! After final testing on laptops, tablets and smart phones, I will push the big-green-button and voilá! You will have a fully functioning LIVE website!


At this point I will give you the keys to your website. We can discuss arrangements for continued upkeep, if needed or desired.